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Moira's often co-creative practice weaves together bio art, performance, group walks, sound, science and sculpture as lived experiences. Her work aims to follow the logic of our symbiotic being in the world we share with bacteria, wild yeast, soil, water, animals and plants. Works are meant to be lived, added to, shifted and moved over time and space. As such, her works may flow through years to moments.

Moira regularly invites people to become entangled with familiar objects, places and social events so as to offer multiple opportunities for building our social imagination, expanding and deepening our ecological meanings and questioning systems of power and influence. For Moira, participation is about being in service of human and non-human connections and our connections to our world: to participate is to generate empathy and vitality.

Lived Rhythms and Disruptions for the advancement towards ending the control of nature for humanity's benefit and promoting equality, mutual aid and......

A roundhouse diagram dense and meant to be added to, shift and move. Movement includes the eye, body and thought. The diagram peeks into how I go about co-creating performance, curatorial projects, group walks, installations; mobile, microbial and otherwise.